People keep checking this page out, according to the blog statistics. So I guess I should say a few words.

The Sophistry is just a personal blog of one man’s opinions and observations about the world we live in. I’ve been a lawyer, marketer, men’s fashion salesperson, CEO, entrepreneur, CIO, had clients, was a client, and been ranked top 25 in the world as a professional card player.

I’m an immigrant, a former Marxist turned liberal turned conservative. I’m a lifelong Democrat become a 9-11 Republican, who mourns the current state of affairs in the Democratic party. I’m a lifelong subscriber to the New York Times who had to cancel in 2003 when it became obvious that the NYT does not intent to live up to its nonpartisan origins and the words “All the News That’s Fit to Print” are empty slogans without meaning.

I’m a gamer, a husband and a father, a bad Christian struggling with both extremes, trying to make sense of this crazy thing called life. And this is my blog. Hope you find it amusing at the least, and thought provoking in some cases. I claim authorship of all errors and mistakes.



One thought on “About

  1. Kyle Butler

    I am truly a democrat for the simple reason as I am environmentalist and I’ve often seen that democrats more than republicans do more to protect and preserve the world around us .Be it Carter,Clinton or Obama rather than Bush or Reagan.


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